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Carrier Brite Owl in CREAM


More pictures below for illustration of the carrier and possible usages. 



+Orange Carrier (During Chinese New Year)
+Lunch Bag Cum Multi Purpose Bag (After Chinese New Year)

Tote your lunch or carry your Oranges in style with these pretty, compact and colorful bag !

How many oranges can the bag hold ? Depends on the size of the oranges, average orange size can hold up to as much as 8pcs.

Exterior – Designer / licensed cotton fabric imported from USA / JAPAN

Interior – PUL lining which is waterproof, soft-handed, food safe, flexible and durable to survive cycle of 300+ washings.
Made in Canada.
FOOD GRADE Material !

Bag measures approx 10 inches by 7 inches and has a 4.5 inches wide base. The drawstring cover, keeps everything in place.