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Bottle Sling Bob The Builder


Below are images to illustrate how the sling bag can hold in the case of different bottle styles and structures.

If your bottle is of shorter in height , the extra fabric can be folded in like the picture below.

Pink Tupperware Eco bottle 500ml in this below pic



*Water proof interior

* Exterior – Designer/licensed cotton fabric imported from USA/Japan

* Interior – PUL lining which is waterproof, soft-handed, food safe, flexible and durable to survive cycle of 300+ washings. Made in USA.

* Adjustable strap for over the shoulder or cross body

* Elastic band opening helps to hold/grip onto the bottle to avoid bottle from falling out (applies to different height of bottles)

* Size approx: Height 6~7″(17~17.5cm) + circumference depends on your bottle ( can fit size approx 22cm to 24cm)

* Ready Stocks

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