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Bottle Sling Rockets !


Below are images to illustrate how the sling bag can hold in the case of different bottle styles and structures.

If your bottle is of shorter in height , the extra fabric can be folded in like the picture below.

Pink Tupperware Eco bottle 500ml in this below pic



*Water proof interior

* Exterior – Designer/licensed cotton fabric imported from USA/Japan

* Interior – PUL lining which is waterproof, soft-handed, food safe, flexible and durable to survive cycle of 300+ washings. Made in USA.

* Adjustable strap for over the shoulder or cross body

* Elastic band opening helps to hold/grip onto the bottle to avoid bottle from falling out (applies to different height of bottles)

* Size approx: Height 6~7″(17~17.5cm) + circumference depends on your bottle ( can fit size approx 22cm to 24cm)

* Ready Stocks

PLS order thru FB: www.facebook.com/lavsucas.pinklabel